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Highly Recommended Brazilian Waxing and Sugaring Hair Removal Available



Get rid of unwanted body hair from all parts of your body. I offer professional full body waxing and sugaring hair removal techniques.


Sugaring  is a reliable and easy method for removing body hair. Sugar is an organic paste which expels hair in its natural direction of growth. Contact me now for details.


Maria offers V-Steam Baths that cleanse, tone, tighten, detox, rids the walls of old matter, regulates your menses, freshens, and moisturizes the vagina.

Count on Maria Verlez when it comes to waxing services and sugaring hair removal techniques. I take pride in my more than 10 years of experience in Brazilian Waxing, Full Body Waxing, Sugaring, and V-Steam Baths, natural skin care products safe for your yoni flower

Proudly Serving Atlanta, Stockbridge, Fayetteville, or Jonesboro, Buckhead, Alpharetta, and Sandy Springs Georgia.

For your peace of mind, I only use quality products and have professional training. We standards for sanitation are very high. I deep clean and sanitize before and after each client. Enjoy complimentary wine or water with every service. Also providing quality mobile services in Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Stockbridge, Alpharetta, Peachtree City and more verified Metro Atlanta area.

Contact Maria Verlez in Atlanta, Stockbridge or Fayetteville , Alpharetta ,
Sandy Springs , Peachtree City, or Jonesboro, Georgia regarding my Body Waxing, V-Steam Baths, & Sugaring Hair Removal Techniques , Waxing and Sugaring Training Techniques .

Maria Verlez only uses Natural Brazilian Wax imported from Brazil and Italy. Maria uses hard wax and or her very own organic sugar paste to remove 100% of the hair leaving you smooth, clean and fresh Brazilians. Most customers clean up very well after around 2 pulls maximum in any area of skin. But we have seen hair 100% removed after 1 pull depending on how often you wax.

We prefer you to wax every 3-6 weeks for maximum results and comfort. Please do not tan, swim, or use harsh chemicals on the skin until after 24 hours for maximum skin relief.

We will treat your skin after every wax to help with any discomfort or irritation. We highly recommend exfoliation after 24 hours of treatments to help with ingrown hairs while we can remove the ones on top of the skin while continued exfoliation every 3 days will help the ingrown hairs to possibly diminish or become less frequent compared to using other hair removal techniques.

Feel amazing after getting your legs or arms waxed, or enjoy smooth skin all over with a thorough full body wax.

Maria Verlez is very strict with sanitation procedures, licensed, professionally experienced, and do not double dip ever. We simply dispose of sticks immediately after use. We do not recycle wax. Our location is very clean, warm, and inviting. Our goal is to remove 100% of the hair in the least time consuming matter.

Maria offers V-Steam Baths that cleanse, tone, tighten, detox, rids the walls of old matter, regulates your menses, freshens, and moisturizes the vagina. We have hand picked organic herbs and offer customized blended herbs of your choice for you intimate V-Steam Cleansing Baths.

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Proudly Serving Atlanta, Stockbridge, McDonough, Jonesboro, Morrow, Fayetteville, Hampton, Griffin, and Newnan, Georgia

in person or at home by appointment only . Please check out our products page at your leisure. 



Contact Maria Verlez @ (678) 900-2263

in Stockbridge, Atlanta & Jonesboro Georgia to know more about Brazilian Waxing, V-Steaming Baths, & Sugaring Hair Removal.